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For a Curitiba
Fair, Democratic and Sustainable
For a Curitiba
Fair, Democratic and Sustainable

The occupation of the territory where Curitiba is today began at least 8,000 years ago with the Xetá peoples and, subsequently, peoples such as the Tupi, Guarani, Kaingang, Tingui. Since then, the region has undergone several training cycles.


Reviving our origins and roots, we chose the name Kurytiba , reference to the word “Kuri'yndy” , a term derived from the Guarani language, meaning “pinheiral”, and the suffix, “Tiba” , which for us represents the most current Curitiba and the construction from the arrival of several immigrant peoples. Metropole comes from the combination of the terms "Metro", meaning "mother" and "Pole" (or polis), meaning "city".


Thus we form our scope and purpose: Kurytiba Metropole = A Mother City, A Metropolitan Curitiba.


We are a civil society organization dedicated to innovation and the development of the metropolis of Curitiba and the people who inhabit it.


We are committed to invariably following our principles, together with citizens and other intersectoral actors, in implementing our shared vision of a just, democratic and sustainable Curitiba metropolis.


Whatever our way of acting, it will always be through peace.


We count on you!

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