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the Kurytiba Metropole

The Kurytiba Metropole organization is inspired by organizations and movements that already operate in other Brazilian cities and are part of a wide network of organizations called Rede Cidades por Just, Democratic and Sustainable Territories, launched in Belo Horizonte in 2008.


One of the co-founders of Kurytiba Metropole contributed to the revision and signature of its Charter of Principles in 2013.


As such, we from Kurytiba Metropole, inspired by Rede Cidades and the challenges and opportunities present in Curitiba and its Metropolitan Region, our home, committed ourselves to creating a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization to actively participate in its sustainable development with actions that include:


  • to develop, monitor, and disclose reliable indicators and targets

  • to promote participation, dialogue, and citizen education

  • to politically influence the territory's planning and management

  • to build local and global collaborative articulations

  • to devise innovative socio-environmental solutions and technologies

  • to implement projects and initiatives that contribute to the region's sustainable and resilient prosperity


Kurytiba Metropole has three lines of action, namely:

  • Sustainable Development and Quality of Life

  • Participatory and Inclusive Democracy

  • Equity and Social Justice


The theme Sustainable Development and Quality of Life gives us a perspective on how to define, measure and evaluate criteria on human well-being and the development of a resilient, regenerative, sustainable society in harmony with the environment and biodiversity.


The Participatory and Inclusive Democracy theme brings the perspective of shared territorial governance, collective intersectoral dialogue, transparent decision-making, political and citizen education, among others.


The theme Equity and Social Justice refers to a comparative assessment between citizens and groups, enabling the co-creation of a more just and equitable society with regard to rights, duties, opportunities and distribution of resources so that the legitimate needs and wants of citizens are served at a level of consumption compatible with local and global environmental sustainability.


Develop, monitor and disseminate reliable indicators and targets; promote citizen participation, dialogue and education; influence politically in the planning and management of the territory; build local and global collaborative articulations; develop innovative socio-environmental solutions and technologies; and implementing projects and initiatives that contribute to the region's sustainable and resilient prosperity.


Transform Curitiba into a sustainable, democratic,  and just metropolis and with a high quality of life index for all who live in it.


  • Pacifism


  • Transparency and Integrity


  • Empathy and Diversity

  • Cooperation and Shared Responsibility


  • Pragmatism and Effectiveness


  • Innovation and Imagination

  • Nonpartisanism


These are some of the documents that support and guide our work in the organization and have been divided into categories that dialogue with our way of acting.

Human Rights and Duties

Sustainable development

Local Legislation

Civil society



Rafael Oliveira

Rafael Oliveira, originally from Foz do Iguaçu, has a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Social Business from the FAE Business School and a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas (UTA) . After finishing high school in Curitiba, he went to the USA with a scholarship to play tennis and study engineering. During his university years, he developed leadership skills as president of the student group of civil engineers. Then he went to work at one of the most respected structural engineering companies in the world, Thornton Tomasetti, in Chicago , where he also founded the group of young professionals from the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats (CTBUH). With Thornton, he also worked in São Paulo and New Zealand, in the areas of analysis, design and structural expertise. Outside the field of engineering, his experience includes activities in the fields of culture and community activism, as organizer of a ball and tango community in São Paulo, governance advisor to the Sandbox entrepreneur organization, active participant in Rede Cidades , and secretary of the City of Education and Knowledge thematic committee of the Curitiba 2035 initiative . Today he is focused on leading the Kurytiba Metropole as Executive Director in building a more just, democratic and sustainable city and metropolis.

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Executive Director

Founding Member


Raissa Santos

Born and raised in Curitiba, Paraná, Raissa Santos, has a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Social Business from the FAE Business School, Certified as a Manager of Social Projects by APMG International , Graduated in Financial Management from Faculdades Opet and Graduated in Classical Ballet from Escola de Dança Guaíra Theater . He has experience with the private sector and the social sector, working mainly with Impact Assessment and Analysis of ESG practices and data, Culture of Positive Impact, Corporate Social Responsibility, Private Social Investment, Management of Social Projects and Financial and Administrative Processes. He is currently an active participant in the Curitiba 2035 initiative on the Economic Development Committee, among other movements and projects.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Passionate about positive impact and people, she is in constant search for evolution and knowledge, due to so many alignments she joined the Kurytiba Metropole and today she is leading the organization as an Administrative Director.

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Administrative Director

Founding Member


Born in Curitiba, Paraná, she lived most of her life here, except for a period when she lived and worked in São Paulo, capital. She holds a degree in Psychology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in Business Engineering from the FAE Business School. He developed a career in the private sector in Human Resources, having worked in companies such as BRF, Grupo Boticário, Whilrpool and PageGroup. In these companies, he conducted recruitment processes at different levels, participated in restructuring projects for Organizational Development, as well as led development and career acceleration programs. He currently leads the Attraction and Selection area at Ibema Papel Cartão , as well as free lancer Head of Content at Escola Conquer , developing and teaching classes on Attraction and Development topics.

Passionate about people and with the desire to be part of a more just, democratic and sustainable society, she joined Kurytiba Metropole as the organization's first volunteer.

Marilise Oliveira

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Founding Member



Waleska Pacheco

PhD in Design by PPGDesign-UFPR with research focused on Design/Education of children - researching the different artifacts that can be used by users as a learning facilitator. Master in Design from the same institution (2015). Specialist in Packaging: Project and Production (2011) and graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts at UTFPR (2006). She works as a teacher since 2009, having worked at UTFPR in the Technology in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Design courses between 2009-2011 and 2016-2017, and between 2011 and 2015 she worked as a teacher at the SENAI-CIC Graphic School. Since 2019 she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the creative area at Unicuritiba. At PUC-PR she is a professor in the post-graduation in Educational Design. Coordinator of the research group "Design as an Artifact for Education" - CNPq/Unicuritba. She has experience in consulting for design projects and graphic production for companies, developing graphic materials and customized courses.

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Daniel Medeiros, a professor for 40 years, is a lawyer, historian, specialist in Contemporary Philosophy from PUC-PR, Master's and Doctorate in History Education from UFPR, and columnist for Plural newspaper and Humanitas magazine.

Daniel Medeiros

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