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LIGO Platform

Some of the fundamental elements of a representative democracy are in the relations of citizens with their representatives. Citizens need to know who represents them, follow the work of their administrations, and communicate with politicians to raise issues that deserve attention. The LIGO Platform, by Kurytiba Metropole, was created in order to establish a closer relationship between citizens and their representatives. Usually this information is fragmented and spread over the internet. But here you can see everything in one place. For now, it's more of a directory than a platform. However, over time we want to evolve this work to include more information and interaction tools, thus creating a democratic platform for the citizens of Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region.


City Council

City Hall

Legal Assembly State

State government

Chamber of Deputies

federal Senate


The above information was collected from the official government websites and social media platforms of each representative.

If any information is incorrect or needs to be updated, please contact us via email

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