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Integrated Urban Development Plan (PDUI)

What is the PDUI and what is the current status of its drafting for the Curitiba region?

Borrowing the definition from the COMEC (Coordination of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba) website:

"In 2015, the Metropolis Statute (Federal Law No. 13,089/2015), determined that metropolitan regions should draft their Integrated Urban Development Plans - PDUI.

The PDUI is a legal planning instrument that establishes guidelines, projects, and actions to guide the urban development of cities, seeking to reduce inequalities and improve the living conditions of the metropolitan population.

It covers areas such as urban and regional mobility, land use and occupation, environment and water source protection, basic sanitation and solid waste, sustainable socioeconomic development, and social interest housing.

The PDUI will answer questions such as: Where can or should the cities grow? Which urban areas should be preserved and which are considered risk areas, at risk of flooding or landslides? Which works are considered priorities by the public administration and therefore should be prioritized? Which streets should be served by the public transportation system and which model will be used - subways? buses? cabs? What kind of constructions are allowed in certain areas - residences, buildings, industries?"

In other words, the PDUI has the potential to greatly influence the direction in which the Curitiba region will develop.

Therefore, what is the current status of the drafting of the new PDUI for the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (RMC) - since the last development plan for the region was published in 2006?

Kurytiba Metropole has been monitoring this situation since 2021 and we found out that the new plan is in the process of being drafted, but there are still several steps to go until we get to its publication.

When we checked the COMEC website in 2021, we observed that there was a date to finalize the drafting of the plan: December 31, 2021. Concerned that no public hearings with society had been held yet and that the date was approaching, we contacted the COMEC to better understand how the drafting process was going.

After a series of messages and conversations over several months, we found out that the PDUI is currently in a pre-bidding phase. A company will be contracted to draft the plan, and for this it needs to participate in a public bidding process and win the bid.

Our biggest concern about not having public hearings during the process has been alleviated. We were assured by a representative of COMEC that the process, once the bidding is finalized, will count on ample participation of the society through several hearings.

Kurytiba Metropole will follow up the process and update the community about each phase so that when the time to participate comes, everyone can contribute in the best way possible in the decisions that will shape the future of the region.

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