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KM Advisory Board

We are happy to announce and welcome the initial members of the Advisory Board of Kurytiba Metropole

Kurytiba Metropole (KM) is a non-partisan non-profit association that aims to build a fairer, more democratic and sustainable Curitiba and metropolitan region through several social impact projects and public policy building.

One of the good governance practices in any kind of organization is the composition of an Advisory Board. This board is responsible for helping the organization guide its strategic and tactical decisions, collaborating in a very important way with an outside view of the organization.

In the case of KM, we put the formation of our Advisory Board in our Bylaws as follows: "The Advisory Board of KURYTIBA METROPOLE, of optional formalization and free appointment by the Executive Board, is the entity's advisory body, composed of members or not, with the function of acting as advisors for strategic and tactical matters, without deliberative or executive function."

We are pleased to announce and publicly welcome the first members of our Advisory Board: Waleska Pacheco and Daniel Medeiros.

Waleska has a PhD in Design from PPGDesign-UFPR with research focused on Children's Design/Education - researching the different artifacts that can be used by users as a learning facilitator. She has been working as a teacher since 2009. He has experience in consulting for design projects and graphic production for companies, developing graphic materials and customized courses.

Daniel has been teaching for 40 years, he is a lawyer, historian, specialist in Contemporary Philosophy at PUC-PR, Master and Doctor in History Education at UFPR, and columnist for O Plural newspaper and Humanitas magazine.

We identified in our first board members a great alignment of values and also great opportunities for collaboration, given their expertise and areas of interest.

Our goal over time is to compose an Advisory Board of 3 to 6 people. Always seeking diversity and people who can contribute to our vision for the future of Curitiba and region.

Throughout 2023 we hope to announce a few more names for the Board.

But we are already really enjoying the dialogues with and the directions of our initial board members!

Kurytiba Metropole Team

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