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General Overview of Curitiba's Governance Plan

Atualizado: 14 de set. de 2021

What is Curitiba's Governance Plan?

The Governance Plan is formed by a series of programs developed by the current municipal administration of the Curitiba that "directs the efforts of Curitiba's City Hall to consolidate the progress made and raise the city to a new development level".

Or, in our interpretation, they are documents created by the City Hall to guide its actions.

As in Curitiba there was a re-election between the last administration and the current one, the current Governance Plan follows more or less the same format, being divided into 3 axes, 7 programs and several projects and products.

Axes with programs:

Solidarity Axis

Sustainability Axis

Responsibility Axis

To understand the recent historical context of these plans, we recommend reading the Monitoring Cycles of the past governance plan, between the years 2017 and 2020. In these cycles, it is possible to understand how the City Hall organized and monitored the actions of the previous plan..

For the current Governance Plan, in addition to examining the complete plan, by program, we also recommend looking at the first Monitoring Cycle of 2021, which already brings the information in a more accessible way through graphs.

In future posts, we will bring more in-depth interpretations of the programs, projects, and products of the current and past Governance Plan, exploring how these actions are distributed throughout the city and their level of alignment with sustainable, democratic, and equitable development.

But our intention in this initial post is only to present the Governance Plan to you, the citizens of Curitiba and region. Did you know about the Governance Plan? Do you agree with what is proposed? What would you do differently?

We also highlight that the Governance Plan, in our interpretation, does not replace Curitiba's Key Objectives Plan, a governance instrument already foreseen in the municipal organic law and encouraged by the Sustainable Cities Program, but not yet implemented in our city.

We see that the process of creating the Key Objectives Plan presents greater social inclusion and participation. And we also observed that a good Key Objectives Plan would be much more didactic and promoted, so that the population could follow it throughout the years.

This does not annul the usefulness of the current Governance Plan, which has a more technical format. But it shows us that it would be great to have two governance tools working for the city, one more technical and top-down, and the other more didactic and bottom-up.

There is a bill, of our initiative, currently going through Curitiba's City Council to try to regulate the Key Objectives Plan and implement it.

Do you agree with the implementation of the Key Objectives Plan in Curitiba? Then write to your councilmen and women supporting the Key Objectives Plan bill by email and on social media.

We hope to bring good news soon on this topic! Stay tuned.

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