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Updates on Curitiba's Sector Plans

As one of our organizational actions, we are accompanying the development process of the new Sector Plans of Curitiba.

The Sector Plans "...are understood as administrative acts that bring the projects and actions to be implemented by the Municipal Public Power, considering the principles, guidelines and objectives set forth in the Master Plan." (Law 14.771/2015 - Art. 4, § 2º, Inc. II)

The Master Plan "...consolidates public policies, principles, guidelines and objectives successively implemented in the Municipality, incorporates new principles, guidelines and objectives in line with the other legal provisions and the demographic, social, economic and environmental dynamics, guiding future actions to adjust the urban structure." (Law 14.771/2015 - Art. 2)

The Sector Plans are divided into 7 plans:

a) Integrated Mobility and Transportation Sector Plan;

b) Housing and Land Regularization Sector Plan;

c) Economic Development Sector Plan;

d) Social Development Sector Plan;

e) Sector Plan for Social Defense and Civil Defense;

f) Sector Plan for Environmental Development and Biodiversity Conservation;

g) Basic Sanitation Sector Plan.

The new Basic Sanitation Sector Plan has already been prepared in 2017, and the other Plans are being developed this year, 2021.

Despite the fact that Kurytiba Metropole wanted to participate in the development process of all Sector Plans, we ended up focusing our participation in the Social Development Sector Plan, more specifically in the education area.

Through our work in the Curitiba 2035 initiative, in which we are secretaries of the Thematic Committee City of Education and Knowledge, the opportunity arose to contribute to the Sectorial Plan of Social Development, and in our current work capacity, we focused our attention on this plan.

Last month, October, a meeting was held to present the Social Development Sector Plan to the Concitiba (a municipal collegiate body for urban policy under Municipal Law 11.266, of December 16, 2004, with the purpose of acting in the formulation, preparation, and follow-up of the Municipal Urban Policy, according to the guidelines of Federal Law 10.257, of July 10, 2001 and the Master Plan, with the purpose of the democratic management of the city) as part of the plan's approval process.

We received an invitation to attend the meeting with Concitiba as observers, also through our involvement in Curitiba 2035.

We were extremely happy to see many of our contributions made through the Thematic Committee of Curitiba 2035 addressed in the presentation of the plan.

Below are some images from the presentation to the Concitiba.

We will now monitor the finalization of the text before approval. All Sector Plans should be finalized before the end of 2021.

We invite all citizens to contact IPPUC and the Municipality of Curitiba to learn more about each of the Sector Plans, and to send contributions, if still possible.

During the next years, we will prepare ourselves to participate very actively in the next Curitiba Master Plan revision, which will take place in 2025.

Kurytiba Metropole Team

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