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Success in the "Delay Election Reform" Campaign!

During the last few weeks a very extensive proposal for a new election code was being analyzed in the National Congress. In order to be valid for the 2022 elections, it was necessary to approve the project before October 2nd.

We, from Kurytiba Metropole, integrate a national network called Pact for Democracy and, through the participants of this network, a campaign started to question the content of the proposed electoral reform, having in view that the changes were many, brought certain setbacks for democracy, and had not been debated enough with the society. The campaign was the "Delay Election Reform" and Kurytiba Metropole participated through articulation dialogues and dissemination of the produced contents.

Summarizing the outcome of the story, it was decided by the Senate last week not to vote the electoral code reform proposal before the deadline and, thus, it will be possible to have a more in-depth debate on all points of the text.

It is practically impossible to know how much the "Delay Election Reform" campaign and its various actors and articulations influenced this process. But it was certainly a necessary and important contribution to this construction.

Just as we did in the "Delay Election Reform" campaign, Kurytiba Metropole will continue to participate in, sign, contribute to and support campaigns at the local, regional and international level that contribute to the construction of more just, democratic and sustainable cities.

Not all campaigns are victories. But it is great to be able to strengthen networks with purposes aligned to ours, amplifying the power of positive transformations in various territories.

We celebrate this achievement and we are already organizing ourselves to participate in more processes that defend our democracy and civic space.

Kurytiba Metropole Team

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