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Participation in the PDUI and End of Year Break

KM ends 2023 actively participating in the process of developing the new Integrated Urban Development Plan (PDUI) for Curitiba and its metropolitan region

Image: Survey of main problems for Curitiba and the metropolitan region during the PDUI technical workshop - 12/11/23

Kurytiba Metropole reaches the end of 2023 with an important participation in the process of preparing Curitiba's PDUI. This is a process that will last until 2025, culminating in a legislative bill that will define metropolitan policy guidelines for the next 10 years.

The process is being led by the consortium that won the planning bid, but includes participation from different sectors of society.

There are several steps related to 5 Public Functions of Common Interest (FPICs). Are they:

FPIC 1 - Territorial Planning and Land Use

FPIC 2 - Metropolitan Mobility

FPIC 3 - Social Interest Housing

FPIC 4 - Social and Economic Development

FPIC 5 - Environment and Water Resources

The last plan for Curitiba and the metropolitan region had been drawn up in 2006, still called PDI, and before the promulgation of the Metropolis Statute.

Being able to represent civil society in Curitiba and the region based on the values of democracy, justice and sustainable development has been an excellent experience.

KM hopes to reach the end of this process with significant contributions to the final plan and that the plan is sufficiently well written to provide our region with good metropolitan public policy guidelines for the next decade.

We also inform you that our year-end break will begin, which will last until January 12th.

After that, activities will be resumed to continue building a fairer, more democratic and sustainable Curitiba and region.

We thank each person who contributed to our journey in 2023!

A summary of the past year will soon be provided, as well as plans and objectives for 2024.


Kurytiba Metropole Team

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