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Annual Report 2023 and Strategic Planning 2024 - Transparency

Transparency in focus: Kurytiba Metropole's 2023 Annual Report and 2024 Strategic Planning

Capas do relatório anual de 2023 e planejamento estratégico de 2024

We are delighted to announce the availability of Kurytiba Metropole's 2023 Annual Report and 2024 Strategic Plan. As a non-profit association dedicated to promoting democracy, justice, sustainability and quality of life, we firmly believe in the importance of keeping citizens and supporters informed about our activities, achievements and future plans.

The 2023 Annual Report offers an insight into our initiatives and projects carried out throughout the year. This document is a testament to our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life in our community and reflects the efforts of our staff and volunteers. In it, you'll find information about our awareness campaigns, educational programs, strategic partnerships and much more.

The 2024 Strategic Plan outlines our goals and objectives for the coming year. This plan is the result of a process of reflection and analysis, aimed at broadening the impact of our actions and further strengthening our contribution to a fairer and more sustainable society. We are excited to share our new initiatives and strategic directions, which include social and environmental impact projects.

Both documents are now available on our website and at the links above.

We invite all interested parties to access them to better understand Kurytiba Metropole's work and join us on this ongoing journey of making a difference.

We thank you for your continued support and hope that the 2023 Annual Report and the 2024 Strategic Plan will serve as sources of motivation for everyone.

Kurytiba Metropole Team

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