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The Pact for Democracy and the 2022 Elections

What actions can we take to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process in 2022?

Kurytiba Metropole decided to integrate the network Pact for Democracy due to believing in the proposal of this initiative for safeguarding and improving the political and democratic life in Brazil. Although our work has a local focus in Curitiba and its metropolitan region, it is impossible to deny the need for being present in regional, national and even international networks, since the world is interconnected and decisions in more comprehensive spheres have a direct impact on local life.

During 2021, we were able to participate in several campaigns and initiatives with other organizations from Pact for Democracy such as Freio na Reforma (to slow down the approval of the electoral reform, which in the network's opinion still needed more revision and participation from society), Só Acredito Vendo (in defense of the transparency of tax incentives granted by the federal government), and O Espaço Cívico é o Nosso Espaço (an agenda that brings a set of proposals for the active protection and promotion of civic space by citizens).

And now in 2022, we have, as a network, two primary common goals:

  1. To guarantee free, fair and peaceful elections, with absolute respect for the rules of the game and their results;

  2. To promote the valorization of democracy among the Brazilian electorate.

To achieve the above objectives, we will have preventive strategies (to ensure the smooth development of the elections and the normality of the process) and crisis management strategies (to prevent any anti-democratic actions from succeeding). Each of these strategies will include actions that are currently being defined by the members of the Pact.

We hope that through these strategies, actions, and work, with an active and strengthened network, we can guarantee the protection of this very important aspect of Brazilian democracy.

Besides the network actions directed to the electoral process, Kurytiba Metropole is also developing some other initiatives related to the Democracy theme, such as: a course for education in participatory democracy, an online forum for dialogues about the city, a virtual platform to approximate the citizen to his political representatives and the transformation of the municipal official journals (Curitiba) in an open data format.

Are you interested in supporting or participating in any of the above processes and initiatives? Consider making a donation to our organization or contacting us to discuss ways to collaborate.

We will keep sending updates on these processes throughout the year!

Kurytiba Metropole Team

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